A Semester in Alternative Process

I’m posting several of my works from the semester which I thought to be quite productive and illuminating.

Liquid light drove everybody mad.  I only got two pieces on wood that I was “happy” with.

The print on the left was my first success- just an attempt with a negative I knew to be good- while the print on the right was meant to be part of my final which did not come together as well as I planned.  (Note the fogging of the right side).

Palladium and Kallitype prints relieved a bit of the headache that liquid light brought on.

Four negative evolution of smoke rings

Stacked negatives showing progression of smoke rings

Palladium and Kallitype printing has a sharpness that other alternative processes don’t seem to quite capture.  I was attempting to correlate the use of precious metals, like palladium and silver, into a sense of the spiritual nature of alchemy and relating the spirit directly to photographic image.  This was quite a successful project for me.

Gum Bichroment

While waiting for my chemicals to do the final project I experimented with gum bichroment printing in CMYK- not a complete success but certainly a fun new process that I hope to improve upon in the future.

Over all the semester went well and has reinvigorated me in the photographic arts.  I will certainly be doing more alternative processes in the future and hope to do Palladium and Kallitype prints for the rest of my life.


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